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Our story

RylieMay Rescue Ranch is dedicated to sharing our love and pride for all things canine. 

When I was 19-years-old, I rescued Rylie, who was only 4-months-old. Rylie came into my life during some of my lowest and darkest moments; Rylie saved my life, and everything I did moving forward was for her. I knew that saving animals in the same way she saved me would play a role in the rest of my life. 


RylieMay Rescue Ranch is passionate about providing education towards rescue animals as well as providing a safe, soft place for dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. Our focus is older dogs or dogs with special needs who have found themselves overlooked in over crowded shelters. 


RylieMay Rescue Ranch is also fiercely dedicated to saving as many lives as possible and showcasing the full and happy life of adventure that awaits when you rescue an animal. We want to educate about the world of rescue and help as many people as we can find their new furry family members.  

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